3 Ways to Use Linked In For Lead Generation


Is this you?

Many of you reading this will have a LinkedIn profile but haven’t really found much use for it, other than to connect with your colleagues and contacts.

Well, today’ the day you will learn some important tips on how to use LinkedIn for lead generation.  I discovered some helpful advice from David Gowel’s book, find my book review here > “The Power In A Link“.

#1 > LinkedIn People Search

This is a great place to start for salespeople, job seekers and business-to-business owners looking to get a foot in the door in large corporations.  You can search for a company using the top right search bar, then identify if you have any 1st or 2nd-degree connections at that company.

If you do, the next step it’s easy.

Ask for an introduction from the connection you have in common with the company, just make sure you have something of value to offer that will help develop your relationship with them.  No selling at first, relationship building is key.

To take this a step further, head over to the advanced people search feature by clicking the advanced button next to the search box.  The next screen that appears will give you various additional search options that enable you to dig down and find a detailed match.

#2 > LinkedIn Answers

This is probably one of the most useful but under-utilized tools on LinkedIn.  This is the place where many users go to ask questions about business and I bet there will be a section dedicated to your industry.

You are the one answering the questions, and by positioning yourself as an industry expert and answering questions consistently, other users will look to you for advice and potentially your services.

The users answer that get’s rated ‘best answer’ by the user who asked the question, will boost their expert status and will feature below the question in any given industry.  Your aim is to become an expert in your industry, with the benefit being of being featured as the industry expert on the answers section, increasing exposure to people who need your help who could be potential leads.

#3 > LinkedIn Groups

You may have already joined several groups on LinkedIn relating to your industry.  The trick here is to join groups outside your industry that might help you grow your business.   Hang our where your target market is and join in conversations that you can demonstrate your knowledge and skills, contributing and starting discussions at least once a week.

Also, take the time to read other peoples posts as you may be able to identify areas you can help them.  Connect to the ones you may be able to help and introduce yourself using the group you have joined as common ground.