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Our web design Packages add to all of our other services Home Page Optimisation, Optimised pages, Ethical On topic Mini Directories and in some circumstances Full site Optimisation and Content Management System Editing/Updating.

Our experienced optimisation professionals will analyse your site and advise web designers what is needed in terms of your website to achieve 1st-page results under your chosen terms search terms.

Each package is tailored to the websites exact needs and will be based on several key elements ranging from existing Google page rank through to how old the site is.

Web design is the customer facing side of a website and governs how a website looks. Web Development is the back end to a website and governs the interactivity of a website for example the sending of forms, widgets, logins and storing data.

Case study

In 2019 we took on the job of redesigning a website ERREKA Auto Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd, in order to optimise their online sales.
Our main goal was to improve consumer utilisation, hence improving sales for the company. We completed this in three simple steps.


We took time to research who was using the site and found that the users could be split into two groups: customers and third-party groups like architects. Both of which knew what they were looking for on the site.


Using this information, we began to redesign the website to improve its utilisation for these customers.
• This included changing the template to a clearer version where customers could easily navigate the site
• Rearranging the menus to give customers the chance to easily find what they need as quickly as possible
• Adding product pages to the menu for customers to find easily


Once we had completed the design work, we put it to the test to see how customers now interacted with the new and improved site.
We picked up on minor details that may have hindered its performance, edited these and put it back to the test and finally the job was complete.


Debate group offers a guarantee to all customers who order a package that we recommend. The guarantee is: 1st page results across the leading UK search engines (Google, Yahoo & MSN) through intricate web design Furthermore if we fail to get any first page results for any of your chosen search terms we will refund the optimisation cost for all failed search terms. Is it Ethical?

The simple answer is yes everything we do is ethical but be aware of companies who will not explain what they will do or will not offer you a first-page guarantee.

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