Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the three names which spring instantly to mind but StumbleUpon and Digg amongst many others can all drive a huge amount of traffic to your website, particularly when you bookmark all these sites with your news items which will then generate back links.

Writing more content for your website and ensuring it reaches the social media sites is a positive way forward to ensure additional traffic and potential buyers to your site!

Social Media has become vitally important over the past few years and the need for businesses to be not only aware, but to be positively involved in the relevance generated as a result of Social Media Marketing which now is affecting the ranking of companies within the SEO.

The mixture of Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation is leading to a blurring and an overlapping of the two individual activities which will at some point bring about an amalgamation of the two to further increase the necessity for the inclusion of the social media sites.

Here at Debate Marketing we will use Innovative SEO using tactics like creating accounts on the top social media websites.


We will also maintain a steady flow of messages to your customers, content is king here and we strongly recommend you have a blog to use this service to give the social world something to talk about!