How to make your Airbnb listing stand out on Social Media

There are over seven billion users who use some sort of social media platform.

It’s not only just a place to show off your photography skills – it’s now seen as a significant marketing strategy for most businesses.

There are ever-demanding components that Airbnb owners have to consider to connect to their potential guests.

Here are a few tips that might help: 

Give your property a unique name

Having a unique or catchy name can bring benefits to your property standing out and how it’s seen on social media.

When searching for a name, consider what sort of personality your property represents –

  • Does it have a modern feel?
  • How old is the property?
  • Where is it located?

Here are some of the most catchy names on Airbnb at the moment. Here.

Unique Airbnb Names

Spacious house w/garage in great locationCozy Private Room for Rent with Beautiful view
Private, amazing 1-bedroom apt in central location
Palm Springs Bungalow Hideaway
The Home Sweet Home
The Perfect Retreat
Cozy Guesthouse
The Ultimate Escape
Rockaway beach Villa
Charming Retreat on the Eastside

Be more authentic

Apart from listing all the property amenities, you have the opportunity to sell the property – some ideas include sharing stories with the audience, a list of local activities and any recommendations you can think of to create the ultimate experience.

It’s also essential to promote your place rather than just a place to stay – creating property tags or hashtags that can be shared online can help attract others’ attention.

A good place to get help for is through holiday letting management. Read more.

They can help promote your Airbnb listing, whether it’s creating a unique name, writing a property description or all-around property maintenance.

Be creative on all social platforms

It’s also a good idea to promote on more than one social media platform; however, this requires thoughtful content planning.

Facebook is one of the more favourable platforms for promotion – with over 2.4 billion users – they allow you to create lengthier posts and post reviews which generate likes and shares; the demographic tends to be a more mature audience if this is what you are searching for.

Instagram is another platform that is popular among property owners.

Being a more visual platform, you need to get creative with your photo skills! Hashtags are also a key component of advertising on Instagram – try sticking to more local ones. See more.